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RE: "Dinosaurs: Return To Life? "

--- evelyn sobielski <koreke77@yahoo.de> wrote:

> --- Lonnie Allen Matson
> <lonniematson@paleobiologist.org> schrieb:
> > I was very interested to see the tail vertebrae in
> > the chicken. While, obviously, there is much more
> to
> > this reverse engineering idea than was revealed,
> it
> > was good to see that the material is already
> there,
> > genetically, and anatomically. It just needs to be
> > manipulated to appear once more in a living
> > specimen. Not impossible, but highly in-depth.
> "Not impossible" in a theoretical way maybe. In real
> life, the air-sac system is about as impossible to
> revert as it gets. The entire trunk anatomy would
> need
> to be rebuilt. Birds have probably burned more
> developmental genetics bridges behind them than any
> other terrestrial vertebrate; sometimes genetic
> systems will adapt in a way that makes the
> plesiomorphic condition unrecoverable (or rather,
> make
> the effort needed to recover it about the same as to
> build it from scratch)
> Feathers and teeth and tails are actually the
> easiest
> bit. These have only be slightly modified, or their
> pathways have been interrupted but still persist
> (teeth). The devil's in the details. The one cubic
> centimeter or so of inner ear alone will probably be
> harder than teeth, tails and integument combined.
> Turning a human into a _Volaticotherium_ would
> probably be easier.
> As a simple rule for wholesale genetic tweaking: if
> we
> can't do it with plants, we can't do it with
> animals.
> Plant genomes are extremely forgiving. As a kid I
> had
> fun polyploidizing my bryophyllums (pretty gross but
> entirely viable), UV-inducing mutations in my coleus
> (everyone should have tried that, it's fun), and
> doing
> viral gene transfer experiments in tulips (they
> didn't
> survive many years but they sure were pretty).--

Actually, reconstruction of viable dino's seems to me
to be more do-able (someday) by 'instant replay';
that's as opposed to reverse engineering. 'Take four
jugs of (a, c, t, g), mix well...' -- Don