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Re: "Dinosaurs: Return To Life? "

I think Lonnie's preference for a Cassowary over an Emu is their appearance being the most 'prehistoric' looking of all living birds. With the hadrosaur-like crest and that fearsome claw, you got to admit they do appear like walking anachronisms. Granted for reasons of their endangered status, Cassowaries would not make the best test subjects. What about Hoatzin?


Dann Pigdon wrote:
Lonnie Allen Matson writes:
I wonder why Emu was chosen as a logical candidate for a Velociraptor like creature? Personally I would start with a Cassowary.

Cassowaries are an endangered species. Emus aren't. If you're going to start messing around with DNA, I imagine it'd be a lot harder to justify tinkering with an endangered species than with a common one.
Besides; cassowaries are dangerous enough creatures as they are. If I was making a velociraptor-simulant, I'd prefer to start with a more docile species of ratite. Giving a cassowary teeth, clawed arms and a sharper toe claw would be like giving a psychopath a rocket launcher - the result might be interesting, but you'd want to observe from a distance.
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