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RE: What are some differences between Triceratops sp.

> Can I please get some help on the differences between Triceratops prorsus and 
> Triceratops horridus? Anything will be great 0_o

Briefly, the characters used by Forster (1996) are:

Length of the nasal horn core (longer in _prorsus_).

Length of the rostrum anterior to the nasal horn core (longer in _prorsus_).

Length and angle of the orbital horn cores (shorter and more anteriorly 
inclined in _prorsus_ - 60 vs 90 degrees relative to the horizontal).

Frontal fontanelle (present in _horridus_, absent from _prorsus_).

Dorsal border of lower temporal fenestra (jugal in _horridus_, squamosal in 

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