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RE: What are some differences between Triceratops sp.

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> Can I please get some help on the differences between 
> Triceratops prorsus and Triceratops horridus? Anything will 
> be great 0_o
Forster's 1996 diagnosis for _T. prorsus_ was:
Frontal fontanelle absent, supraorbital horns relatively short with horn
length/basal skull length of 0.61 or less, rostrum relatively deep and shrot
with convexly rounded rostral margin.

In her study, _T. horridus_ was a "metataxon": it had all the traits shared
by _T. horridus_ and _T. prorsus_ but none of its own.

I think, however,  based on the ongoing ontogenetic work by Horner and
colleagues that these will be found as different growth stages of the same
species (_T. horridus_).

And I'm not sanguine about _Diceratops hatcheri_'s taxonomic future as a
separate species, either...

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