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Re: ancient giant frog Beelsebufo ampinga

--- David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>

> > And then there is _Platymantis vitiensis_ whose
> > ancestors would have been in quite a bit of
> trouble
> > looking for a land bridge to Fiji.
> There are two frog species in Fiji, not to mention
> Palau, and nobody tells 
> me?!? And on the Philippines, and they've reached
> New Guinea, too...
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platymantis

And there are the sooglossids and _Nasikabatrachus_,
but that is yet another story (We need more Darren

> > It stands to note that much of the Kerguelen-Heard
> > microcontinent seems to have been dry land just
> about
> > that time.
> Some think it was in the wrong place, though, and
> prefer postulating another 
> ridge in that region of the Indian Ocean. 

No matter what, the evidence is pretty solid that a
trip from SAm to Madagascar was possible say 95, 90
mya with little more than island-hopping. Not War in
the Pacific-style island hopping, more like a
recreational trip on the southern Indian Ocean shelf

So one does not even have to invoke a "Paravegavis" or
"Protoanseranas" express lift (from what I gather,
anseriform feet seem to serve frog spawn for
transoceanic dispersal every now and then).



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