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RE: Aetogate: new review



De: owner-DINOSAUR@usc.edu en nombre de Mike Taylor
Enviado el: jue 21.02.2008 10:52
Para: dinosaur@usc.edu
Asunto: Aetogate: new review

[Apologies to those of who have already seen this message over on
VRTPALEO.  I am also posting it to the DML on Mary's suggestion.]

I read in the this morning's Albuquerque Journal that the Department
of Cultural Affairs is holding a new inquiry into our allegations
TODAY.  Neither I, nor any of the other scientists who sent the
original complaints, was contacted to offer material to the review
panel, or indeed informed that it was taking place -- we only heard
about it from the Journal.

The review is being held behind closed doors -- no outside observers
will be present.  The two scientists who have been brought in to
review the allegations (Orin Anderson and Norm Silberling) are both
former Lucas collaborators.  Neither of them is a vertebrate

We await the findings with great interest.

Is this inquiry a sufficient and suitable response?

(For anyone who's not up to speed on this, read this brief capsule
summary of ONE of the cases:
and then as much of the additional documentation at
as you can stomach.)

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