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diplodocus eggs ?

Tobi Hautekiet writes:
 > soorry to bother you all but i have something to ask and to who
 > better than a load if dinosaur experts...
 > I just bought the walking with dinosaurs box wich includes the
 > episode "time of titans" (very good one by the way) and it showed a
 > diplodocus releasing eggs from a long kind of pipe that went rite
 > down from the stumok.  Later i saw "the making of". I got the idea
 > that how it was showed was more a gues than a fact...But walking
 > with dinosaurs isn't that reasent so...Has that been outdatet yet?
 > if my language isn't clear enough watch the episode and you wil
 > understand (i am english but i go to school in belgium so writing
 > english isn't always easy)

Hi, Toby.  Your English is fine.  As your guessed, the ovipositor
shown in WWD is speculation: there is not a shred of evidence either
way.  Another programme from the WWD stable (the one with Nigel Marven
and the Argeninosaurus herd) shows sauropods dropping eggs from
hip-height into soft sand -- which is equally unsupported.  Until we
find fossils that preserve the relevant soft tissue, there is just no
way to know.

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