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Re: Aetogate: new review

These two gentlemen should have recused themselves from the hearing. With all due respect, it would be hard to be impartial when the accused has dedicated a book to you:

Geology of the Zuni Plateau
Editors: Spencer G. Lucas, Steven C. Semken, William R. Berglofm, Dana S. Ulmer-Scholle
New Mexico Geological Society, Fifty-fourth Annual Field Conference, September 24-27, 2003

With great pleasure, I dedicate this book to one of the foremost students of the geology of west-central New Mexico, Orin Anderson. <â>

I began to work with Orin in 1988 on that west-central New Mexico field conference. < â> In my mind, he joins that short list of the great students of the geology of west-central New Mexico, which now includes Clarence Dutton, Julyan D. Sears, Charles Maxwell and Orin Anderson.
--Spencer G. Lucas

Lucas, S.G. and Spielmann, J.A., eds., 2007, The Global Triassic. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin 41.
It is both an honor and a pleasure to dedicate this volume to Norm Silberling and Tim Tozer, two of the great knights errant of the Triassic timescale. <â>

I (Spencer Lucas) worked with Norm in Sonora, Mexico, during the mid-1990s. Together, we collected the first Early Triassic ammonites found in Mexico, and Norm brought great clarity and wise caution to interpretation of the structural morass of the Caborca terrane from which lesser observers have mostly conjured tectonic fantasy. I can truly say that Norm is a fine gentleman and a gentle soulâsoft spoken and well spoken, but with a penetrating intellect and vast experience that made him one the most valuable field collaborators of my career.


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The review is being held behind closed doors -- no outside observers
will be present. The two scientists who have been brought in to
review the allegations (Orin Anderson and Norm Silberling) are both
former Lucas collaborators. Neither of them is a vertebrate
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