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RE: Asylosaurus yalensis Galton 2007

Jose Ignacio Ruiz-Omeñaca wrote:

> The SVP News Bulletin 194 (spring 2008) mentions a new
> sauropodomorph?, Asylosaurus yalensis Galton 2007, based on the
> associated pectoral girdle and forelimb YPM2195, published in Revue de
> Paleobiologie, 26(2), 501-591.
> Anyone as more info on the critter? The pdf file is not yet on the
> journal's web:
> http://www.ville-ge.ch/mhng/paleo/

"Asylosaurus yalensis"... perhaps the 'asylum lizard from Yale', or even the 
'lizard from the Yale asylum'?  ;-)

YPM 2195 has been referred by previous studies to _Thecodontosaurus antiquus_.  
As mentioned previously on this list (especially in the context of _Pantydraco 
caducus_), the Durdham Down sauropodomorph material is in the process of being 
re-described.  Once again, a case of W4TP.

Interestingly, YPM 2195 was once referred (by Huene) to the putative phytosaur 
_Rileya platyodon_ (=_Rileyasuchus platyodon_), which is based on a humerus 
(phytosaur?) and vertebrae (sauropodomorph).   



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