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Re: 4 winged dino NOVA

On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 10:13:41AM -0500, Mike Habib scripsit:
> Part of the trouble that has plagued many (most?) Microraptor
> reconstructions is that a great number of researchers seem dead set on
> making the hind limbs somehow act as "standard" wings (that is,
> lifting surfaces positioned to provide lift forces vertically against
> weight in a steady glide), which is rather unlikely.

Having gone and looked at the website, I was pleasantly surprised with
what their best glide position was found to be -- legs straight back,
with the feathers forming a lifting surface over the tail.

I find that a lot easier to believe, in terms of probable hip anatomy
and in terms of there being a way to evolve it, than the flying side
kick versions.

The 'adjust angle of attack' flash demo is also pretty clear that even
best case wasn't all that good, and that worst case involves a lot of

-- Graydon