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Re: Aetogate: new review

No ruling has been announced as yet, but the Albuquerque Journal published two letters to the editor today:
(free access requires viewing a very short commercial for the newspaper)
Both pairs of letters are also available at:

"Fossil Finds Must Be Shared"
"DR. ROBERT Sullivan's views about fossil specimens ('Students Don't Have a Bone To Pick' letter) are at odds with the practices of curators in most museums, based on my 30 years' experience in collections around the world. He maintains that because some of the fossils in question were collected by 'the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, they are exclusively the research property of its staff.' " <...>

"Museum Case Requires Inquiry"
"LAURENCE LATTMAN'S letter ('Claims Against Scientist False') states that the allegations against Spencer Lucas and the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science have "no merit," even though Stuart Ashman, secretary of the state Department of Cultural Affairs now concedes that they may." <...> MIKE TAYLOR

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