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RE: Geographic Distribution of Maniraptora

I have begun work on some of the preliminary maps, and it does seem that most 
of the Maniraptorans congregate in China and Mongolia. Now whether this is 
important, or just because of the remarkable site from which they came, I do 
not know.

But if anyone has information on the earliest Maniraptor finds, that would help 
immensely. Is it the lack of Triassic and Jurassic material? Or that they are 
just not their to begin with, at least in numbers like we see in the 

As well, I am not at all certain where to place Scansoriopteryx or 
Epidendrosaurus, as there seems to be some debate on the age of the beds they 
came from. 

Thus far all the advice and papers people have sent me, have been extremely 
helpful. And Thanks to Tom for the reply on cladistics, and convergence. I will 
reply back, but first I am reading the links you suggested.

Thanks again everyone,

Lonnie Matson

"Trilobites and dinosaurs, who were each around for more than a hundred million 
years, might be amused at a species here only a thousandth as long deciding to 
appoint itself the guardian of life on Earth. That species is itself the 

---- Carl Sagan