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Re: Geographic Distribution of Maniraptora

Now whether this is important, or just because of the remarkable site from which they came, I do not know.

It is fairly obviously due to the fact that the most productive sites are exposures of either the Baruungoyot, Djadokhta or Nemegt Formations in Mongolia or the Yixian or Jiufotang Formations in China, all of which are unusually fossil-rich.

If im not wrong, _Pedopenna*_ *is also from the Jurassic...

*Pedopenna*, *Epidendrosaurus* and apparently *Scansoriopteryx*, as well as the mammal-or-near-mammal-depending-on-the-definition *Castorocauda* and the mammal *Volaticotherium*, are from the Daohugou Beds, which are not Middle Jurassic (as stated in most of the literature), but Late Jurassic or (more probably) Early Cretaceous in age. They could be almost as young as the Yixian Formation (which contains the very end of the Barremian and a small part of the Aptian).

This subject has been treated on this list several times; just search the archives.