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Re: Aetogate: new review

The Albuquerque Journal has an article on the  museum's review in today's 
(short  commercial to watch before entering the site)

Saturday, February 23, 2008  
"Ethics Panelist Calls Museum Flap Baseless" By John Fleck 
Copyright   2008 Albuquerque Journal; Journal Staff Writer
"Scientific ethics charges  against a state government researcher are 
baseless, according to a Colorado  scientist brought in to help arbitrate the 
"(Norman)  Silberling wrote a letter to state officials Monday declaring 
Lucas' innocence,  three days before the review panel's meeting."

See and wonder at the  letter:  
This would be  funny if it weren't such a serious case.  Some quotes from 
Norman  Silberling:

"Itâs difficult to believe that Parker and/or Martz or their  associates 
t prime Naish to initiate his accusatory blog site knowing that  all sorts of 
slanderous, unsubstantiated bile would result. From this, itâs  apparent that 
an interconnected group of mainly young, un or under -employed  workers 
(including both Parker and Martz) has for whatever reasons a strong  grudge 
Lucas and the NMMNH&S."

"Enlarging on Lucasâs  responses, if any unethical behavior took place, it 
was by Parker who based his  2007 paper on specimens collected and prepared by 
the Museum and who did this  without approval by Lucas, the Museumâs 
collections curator."

"The Museum  Board also might take some constructive action regarding the 
editing and review  process related to the Museum Bulletin. This strikes me as 
the real target of  the complaints by Parker, Martz, and the other young bucks 
(and at least one  doe) associated with them."

"As a final suggestion to the Museum Board, I  think it would be useful for 
you or the Board to send whatever final public  report is prompted by this 
Executive Committee discussion to Parkerâs supervisor  at the Petrified 
National Park. That person should be interested in how  his or her employee is 
serving the scientific community and the public.  Sincerely [signed] Norman J. 

See also the updates at Mike  Taylor's 


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