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Re: Aetogate: new review

This borders on pathetic; the letter from Siberling (defending Lucas prior to the closed-door inquiry) resorts to nothing more than ad hominem attacks on the accusers. What on earth does their age or their employment status (especially right out of grad school) have to do with the events they have brought to light? I thought it was only in politics where we told people "this person is far too important to be criticized by the likes of you".

I have tried very hard to delay any presumption of guilt in this situation, but the actions taken by the NMMNH and their "independent" reviewers have done far greater damage to my opinion of Dr. Lucas and the NMMNH than the accusations themselves ever could have.

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The Albuquerque Journal has an editorial on the case in today's  paper:
(short  commercial for the newspaper before free access)

Sunday, February 24, 2008
"Old Bones of Contention"
< Cultural Affairs should remand this dispute to the jurisdiction of a
scientific academy that at least has some notion of what objectivity is.>


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