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Re: Missing link feather fossils

evelyn sobielski writes:

I wonder how they compare to the feathers
of ratites.

Many ratite feathers have an aftershaft, that is, they
have a small secondary feather attached to the bottom
part. But some don't. Still, it would be worthwhile to
compare them to these, as well as to other Cretaceous
non-pennaceous feathers.

It is almost certainly impossible tha they are ratite
feathers though.

It certainly wasn't my intention to suggest they were. I was just wondering whether the 'degraded' feathers seem on extant flightless birds might be similar in structure, in which case the 'intermediate form' of the feathers in amber (50 million years after Archie) could have come from secondarily flightless theropods, rather than representing a lineage with 'primitive' feathers that survived for so long (in competition with animals with more 'advanced' feather structures).


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