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Publisher in need of dinosaur experts

Hi everyone!

My name is Alison Baas, I'm an editorial assistant at Enslow Publishers,
a publisher of nonfiction library books for children. We are in need of
two expert advisors to read and comment on the accuracy of a manuscript
entitled "Dinosaur Scientist: Careers Digging Up the Past" in the "Wild
Science Careers" series. The manuscript (intended for a 5th grade
audience) is about 80 pages long, and includes several profiles of
paleontologists and describes what life is like for them in the field.
We are offering an honorarium of $150 for comments. If you are
interested in helping with this project, or have any questions about it,
please email alisonb@enslow.com (please do not respond to the mailing
list, in order to keep everyone's inboxes relatively clutter-free!) with
your CV or call 908.771.9400 x475.

Thanks very much,

Alison Baas
Editorial Assistant
Enslow Publishers, Inc. 
40 Industrial Road, PO Box 398 
Berkeley Heights, NJ  07922-0398 
p: 908.771.9400 x475   f: 908.771.0925