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Re: Sea reptile is biggest on record

Thnaks to everybody who answered my question..
23m, that's the one.

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What about this giant Ichtyosaur found a few years ago in NA (Canada, I think)?
Still no publication?

I suspect you mean _Shonisaurus sikanniensis_, from northeastern British Columbia. It has been published:

Nicholls, Elizabeth L., and Makoto Manabe.  2004.  Giant Ichthyosaurs
Of The Triassic--A New Species Of Shonisaurus From The Pardonet
Formation (Norian: Late Triassic) of British Columbia.  Journal of
Vertebrate Paleontology, vol. 24, no. 4, pp. 838-849.

There is also Betsy Nicholls' 23 meter long Pink Mountain ichthyosaur that is housed at the Royal Tyrrell. I do not know how much work has been done on it since she passed though.

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