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RE: Sea reptile is biggest on record

Colin - any ideas on what these mega-pliosaurs ate?  (By the looks of those 
teeth, it sure wasn't plankton.)



> Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 08:18:22 +1100
> From: cmchenry@westserv.net.au
> Subject: Re: Sea reptile is biggest on record
> To: hammeris1@bellsouth.net; dinosaur@usc.edu
> hammeris1@bellsouth.net wrote:
>> So even if estimates of its length are more or less accurate,
>> the largest icthyosaur is not only longer but also will be more massive?
>> The artists rendition of said beast in last year's National Geographic
>> certainly put it in the Sperm whale class.
> Depends on body proportions: length isn't everything. Physeter is
> pretty chunky.
>> Can anyone speculate if this find even outclasses the several undescribed
>> large pliosaur finds from the UK, which the WWD series ran away pell-mell
>> with on the Liopluridon segment "fantasy" segment?
> Sure. S. sikanniensis is way bigger than the upper range of body sizes
> that can be speculated for UK pliosaur material ;-). Unless there's been
> some new material, it's difficult to stretch a length for a
> mega-pliosaur much past 15-16m, and I think even that could be pushing it.
>> I hope someone sends
>> the group of researchers on both these finds a pile of money so that work
>> could proceed quickly on getting some sort of descriptions published -
>> ancient marine reptiles are fascinating.
> Great idea!
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