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Re: Sea reptile is biggest on record

We have large dense amounts of belemnite hooklets in our pliosaur specimen. Perhaps it was the snack food of the Jurassic, squid Mcnuggets.

Thanks, Bill Wahl

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Dann Pigdon wrote:Â
Tim Williams writes:Â
Any ideas on what these mega-pliosaurs ate?Â
Anything they wanted to. :)Â
Something like that, although I think you need to frame the question in terms of what sort of prey might have been available. Kronosaurus is the largest animal in its fauna, so while the ability to munch other marine reps may sound impressive, it doesn't necessarily put it in the same league as a Balaenoptera-munching killer whale.Â
The possibility that some of these M-L Jurrasic pliosaurs where able to take big fish like Leedsichthys is intriguing - at least they'd be picking on something their own size - but I have no idea if there's anything like Leedsichthys in the Kimmeridgian / Volgian, which is when these 12-15m pliosaurs seem to be mostly from.Â
Actually, I think the question of minimum prey size in these animals is at least as important as the maximum prey size. But I'm just writing that chapter in my thesis... ;-)Â
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