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the WWD kool-aid

> The WWD "Liopleurodon" was 25m and 150 tonnes. Well, had been if it
> hadn't been a computer animation.
And that's the real beef with that segment, besides using Liopleurodon as the 
species -
which the record shows did not get nearly that big - but that undescribed 
material in 
the UK and now the artic find show that the dimensions of pliosaurs may in fact 
approached that for length/width ........
but the 150 tons statement when I watched my DVD the first time made me 
virtually spit
out my juice into my lap!
How did they extrapolate that figure??
Being somewhat familiar with small training submarines and THEIR gross 
this was so totally off-the-wall that it damaged an otherwise (fanciful) very 
entertaining and good-for-public-awareness documentary.
Even 50 tons for the biggest pliosaur finds seems stretching it, IMTAO.