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correction: okay - this can't be right

Head length should have been JAW length.

To: dinosaur@usc.edu Subject: okay - this can't be right

Some hoo-ha on our Orangeburg PBS station claimed they found a (assuming it's a pliosaur) Jurrassic sea reptile jaw that estimates a HEAD length of 16 feet in South America.
They were all ooo'ing and aaaah'ing about this - so obviously not some icthyosaur jaw, since we've already got one super-size beastie on record for that line.

I can't imagine why, if this is not an exaggeration, nature would push for a pliosaur of such size - what were they munching down on, primordial whale sharks??

Anyone familiar with these finds?  What's your view?

I've googled / yahooed / etc. without success on this one.