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RE: Evolution of tyrannosauroid bite power

P. Norton wrote:

> If the arms were
> being used for something as critical to survival as prey capture, we 
> would not likely see that. If you can't grab your meal, you can't eat. 

As pointed out earlier, nobody is arguing that the forelimbs of _Tyrannosaurus_ 
were the primary prey-catching mechanism.  Rather, the forelimbs played an 
ancillary role in subduing large prey, with the jaws and teeth doing most of 
the hard yards in grabbing, holding and subduing such prey.  Injuries to the 
forelimbs were therefore not fatal to a tyrannosaur's ability to catch and 
secure prey.  As long as the jaws were in working order, then tyrannosaurs 
probably didn't have too much to worry about in this regard.


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