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RE: SV: Henocitta brodkorbi

> know. There are a number of neotropic forms in
> faunas of this age and
> Henocitta may well also be some extant neotropic
> jay.

I completely agree. It does not appear to have been
compared to _Cyanocorax_ subgenus _Cissilopha_
("typical" Mesoamerican _Cyanocorax_, containing the
Purplish-backed Jay amongst others), which would seem
to be the prime candidates.

Others are too large, too small, or too distant from
the _Cyanocorax_ s.l. - _Calocitta_ clade (the latter
is not necessary sufficient to exclude them from
comparison though; Neotropical jays are not that well

The local fauna is another reason that suggests
against (Holarctic) nutcrackers as relatives of
_Henocitta_ in any case.



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