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Re: Modelling large theropod movement

In a message dated 1/9/2008 4:40:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, paleo@ncf.ca  

<< If you could comment on:
- head position in walking,  running and standing - should it be as high as 
is normally depicted?
-  how far the head can be moved to the side without unbalancing the animal
-  likely postures for the forelimbs
- leg width and movement, tail rigidity,  jaw gape, anything really wierd we 
should know about etc. >>

This is ground that has been covered numerous times.  To answer your 
questions I suggest that you watch the film of Hall Train's  mechanical 
skeleton at:


Note the more correct position of the front limbs.

For  added detail, see Kent Stevens' DinoMorph website section on  



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