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RE: Predatory Psittacosaurus?

Anthony Docimo wrote:

>> Is there evidence to support an omnivorous diet in Psittacosaurs?
> besides raiding an oviraptor's nest?
> :D

Wasn't it _Protoceratops_ that was 'framed'?

Anyways, a herbivorous diet is usually favored for psittacosaurs.  For example, 
Averianov &c (2006) state: "The slicing psittacosaur dentition with 
self-sharpening, cutting edges is clearly suitable for processing of plant 
material (Sereno 1990b, 1997).  Abundant gastroliths, often associated with 
_Psittacosaurus_ skeletons (Sereno 1990b, 1997; Xu 1997; Mayr et al. 2002; PM 
TGU 16/4-21) are also indicative of a herbivorous diet."

I would say the craniodental morphology may certainly support herbivory, but 
the presence of gastroliths is ambiguous at best (some basal tetanuran 
theropods have them too).



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