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RE: Modelling large theropod movement

Did Hall Train do When Dinosaurs Roamed?

Is it just me - or did Walking With Dinosaurs somehow look more natural?

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<< While it is true that this ground has been covered numerous  times and
many reconstructions of walking T rex have been done, all of them  suffer
serious problems. I question how much understanding about anatomy  and
locomotion these "artists" have. For example, legs don't move in  a
single parasagital (back and forth) plane (as seen in the  Train
model/video), rather he body shifts over the supporting leg (the  body
appears to rock from side to side during locomotion). >>

I was merely trying to direct Mr. Weselake-George to  the best video I knew 
of in order to answer as many of his questions as  possible. As it was a 
mechanical device rather than cgi, perhaps there were  limitations
movement in the model. The Hutchinson cgi animation on  the same page does
the rocking motion.
I do hope you  weren't including Hall Train in your apparently derogatory 
"artists" category.  Hall Train is an exceptional artist; and one of the
working in paleo art.  The work of paleo "artists" is easy to find, work 
comparable in quality to  Train's is exceedingly difficult to find. DV

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