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Re: Conspiracy Theory- Earth's Expansion

This theory explains why the walk to the mailbox takes so much longer than it 
used to, and why I weigh more every year, so it has persimmo-moniusness. I 
wonder if there is any chance of local expansion rate
differentials. I might like to advertise my land as being in a 'high expansion


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> I am no paleontologist- or geologist even- but I was 
> wondering what some of you thought about this particular 
> theory of "Earth's Expansion". It's ten minutes of your life 
> you'll never get back. I think the author is crazy. Please 
> tell me if I am wrong. I recognize that scientific theory 
> progresses through debate, but is this actually a valid 
> argument? I don't think it is.
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>                      Matty Fazziani
> Here's the URL: http://www.youtube.com/v/VjgidAICoQI&rel=1

The term isn't "crazy": it is "chiropteran excrement insane".

The creator has only a very limited (pre-Geol 100) level understanding
the data supporting sea-floor spreading, subduction, continental
 motion, and
such. He means well, but clearly has not looked into the numerous lines
evidence that were brought together to demonstrate plate motion,
and so on. Any decent intro to physical geology textbook will given you
preliminaries; even better, there are good popular books such as
"Mysteries of Terra Firma" and Nield's "Supercontinent" that go into
detail on the discoveries that led to our modern understanding. And of
course, better still are the great number of upper level texts,
papers, and so on that documented these processes.

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