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Re: Modelling large theropod movement

I too, have had my hands on Hall's theropod during its developmental stage
(not nearly as much hands-on experience as John, thank goodness....).  I
challenge anyone to make the motion more realistic while using only one
motor..... :-)

Hall and I discussed the hip side-to-side rotation, and I agree with his
reasons for omitting it -- would have made the model too subject to
mechanical problems and would have turned it into a maintenance hog.  Even
the gears are handmade, and the internals of the knee action are a marvel to
behold, as is the toe articulation.

Hall is a world class artist, sculptor, paleontologist, and engineer.  (his
video of ornithocheirid flapping flight is still the best that I have seen,
though I don't know if it has ever appeared commercially)
P.S.  So is John Conway

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I have never met someone with more dedication to get something exactly right. I'm something of a perfectionist, but after a three months of working 9am-3am six days a week, I have a tendency to say "it's good enough". Not so Hall Train.

"Artist" he may be, but he's as thorough as any "scientist" (sorry, couldn't resist!), and that walking /T. rex/ - as much as I hate the sight of it now - is a masterpiece.