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RE: Conspiracy Theory- Earth's Expansion

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> Subject: RE: Conspiracy Theory- Earth's Expansion
> The expanding earth hypothesis is doing well. They (a group 
> of academic
> scientists) have conferences and have even published their results:
> Carey, S. W. (ed.) 1983: The Expanding Earth A Symposium. 430 
> pp. Earth Resources Foundation, University of Sydney. ISBN 
> 085901209-3. And yes, they have mechanisms to explain the 
> expanding radius. They have published in peer reviewed 
> journals, a list of papers has been compiled:
> http://sci.tech-archive.net/Archive/sci.geo.geology/2004-12/0739.html
> They have a newsletter/journal: http://www.ncgt.org/category.php?id=28
> There is a  web site, but I don't think it is affiliated with the
> organization: http://www.expanding-earth.org/
> Personally, I am not convinced, but am willing to hear them out.

Just want to point out that from the viewpoint of the vast majority of
geophysicists, structural geologists, and indeed geologists in general, the
expaning earth proponents represent a extreme fringe group whose ideas were
long ago rejected by a tremendous wealth of other data.

Analogous to the "aquatic ape" proponents in paleoanthropology.

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