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Re: Conspiracy Theory- Earth's Expansion

The inverse square law applies here. To close the gaps between the continents 
requires a significantly smaller earth radius, which assuming constant mass 
mandates a surface gravity of much more than 1g. 

The effects of long-term exposure of living vertebrates to fields ranging from 
effectively zero to 1g are well-documented.  If it is assumed that 
paleo-gravities of >1g would affect bone in the logical fashion, then the 
structure of fossil bone is an opportunity to falsify expanding earth theories 
(or any other theories that include changes in earth's gravitational field). 

Expansionists would have to postulate an INCREASE in the gravitational constant 
that exactly compensated for the decrease of surface gravity caused by earth 
expansion to explain an absence of histological evidence. Or so it seems to me.


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The expanding earth hypothesis is doing well. They (a group of academic
scientists) have conferences and have even published their results:
Carey, S. W. (ed.) 1983: The Expanding Earth A Symposium. 430 pp. Earth
Resources Foundation, University of Sydney. ISBN 085901209-3. And yes,
they have mechanisms to explain the expanding radius. They have
published in peer reviewed journals, a list of papers has been

They have a newsletter/journal: http://www.ncgt.org/category.php?id=28
There is a  web site, but I don't think it is affiliated with the
organization: http://www.expanding-earth.org/

Personally, I am not convinced, but am willing to hear them out.

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I am no paleontologist- or geologist even- but I was wondering what
of you thought about this particular theory of "Earth's Expansion".
ten minutes of your life you'll never get back. I think the author is
crazy. Please tell me if I am wrong. I recognize that scientific theory
progresses through debate, but is this actually a valid argument? I
don't think it is.

Best Regards,
                     Matty Fazziani

Here's the URL: http://www.youtube.com/v/VjgidAICoQI&rel=1

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Subject: Fw: Conspiracy Theory- Earth's Expansion

Jon e-mailed this to me. The first few minutes sound kind of
at first, but then this guy goes WAAAAAAAAAAYYY off the deep end. This
man is crazy, probably doesn't even hold a degree, but at least it's
another "Global Warming-Denial Conspiracy" theorist. It's a completely
different kind of conspiracy. And a real longshot at that. See for
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Subject: backyard scientists piss me OFF!

Check out this stupid theory on continental migration...
WATCH the video, its only ten minutes.. 

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