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RE: Conspiracy Theory- Earth's Expansion

File this under pseudo-science "theories"
 I agree with Frank, and then add to the bolides the thousand-plus pounds of
"space dust" drifting to earth each year.

Patti Kane-Vanni,
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The earth is expanding?  The mother of all real estate bubbles.  I
guess I'll have more Hell Creek to look at next year.  Job security?
The sub-prime lenders are saved!!

Seriously though, a warming earth (from the inside out) would be
expanding in size (radius changes) however the total amount of mass
remains the same. However, the overall gravity well would remain the
same.  The process by which you could measure (estimate) paleo-
diameters escapes me at the moment.  Yes, it seems to me the
"expanders" are pretty fringe.

Now if you add a few large cosmic bolides, (a few more resultant mass
extinctions)you will have a larger planet. At least you will have more
elbow room.  Kind of what happened to the dinos and one of the many
causalities behind the fact that we are here in discourse about
planetary paleo-radius changes.  Accretion has occurred over geologic
time (fact).  It's all a matter of scale/time and the net effect.

I wonder what H.H. Hess would have thought about this?  I'll keep an
open mind for now.  I remember hearing about Plate Tectonics for the
first time and thinking "HUH"?

Frank (Rooster) Bliss
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