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RE: Conspiracy Theory- Earth's Expansion

Not if the mass remains the same but is packed in a smaller volume. ONE
of the expansionists theories is that the Earth's mass has remained the
same through time but the Earth has expanded like a balloon from the
internal heat generated. Like I said, I don't buy into the EE theories
(of which there is more than one).

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> gravity is determined by mass, not diameter.
But surface gravity = Gm/(r^2) (Where G = the gravitational constant).

Since G is a constant, and m would be fixed for the planet, a smaller
would necessarily have a smaller surface gravity.

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> I wonder what H.H. Hess would have thought about this? 

Given that he was one of the key discoverers of subduction, probably not
terribly impressed.

>  I'll keep an open mind for now.  

Don't keep it so open that your brains fall out!!!

An example of a prediction if EE were really:

* Under the model from the video, continent-oceanic boundaries would all
passive margins like the Atlantic seaboard, since there is no
Anyone living around the Ring of Fire (or tracking deep earthquakes, and
on) will confirm that "passive" is not true of their margins.
* An alternative model would be that new material is coming out of the
trenches (i.e., subduction works in reverse). But radiometric, magnetic,
biostratigraphic dates have the reverse: these are the oldest part of
respective basins.

An observation: the Expanding Earth model is somewhat less strong than a
hypothesis that theropods derived from salamanders, sauropodomorphs from
cockroaches, and ornithischians from potatoes. It is a considerably
model than the Feducciaries and other BANDits: their model is
well supported in comparison.

It grieves me to see people that I respect actually giving this the time
day in the 21st Century. Mid-20th Century, sure: the major lines of
weren't in. In their time, Expanding Earth, Contracting Earth (FAR
supported...), and Stabilist Earth have all been proposed. And they have
fallen by the wayside.

I really, Really, REALLY suggest people interested in plate tectonics
older models of Earth systems read up on the literature before
this much furhter.

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