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Re: Conspiracy Theory- Earth's Expansion

Not if the mass remains the same but is packed in a smaller volume.

Too if the mass remains the same but is packed in a smaller volume.

Again: the strength of a field of gravity at any point is Gm/(r^2), where G is the universal constant, r is the distance from the center of gravity, and m is the mass that generates the field in question. If you pack the same mass into a smaller volume, that means m stays constant while r shrinks, and this means that Gm is divided by a smaller number.

of the expansionists theories is that the Earth's mass has remained the
same through time but the Earth has expanded like a balloon from the
internal heat generated.

Which is of course wrong, because the Earth hasn't heated up. If anything, it has cooled down (though probably not steadily).

The rule of thumb is half the diameter = 4x the surface gravity ... more than enough to affect bone structure in similarly-massed NLR's. Anyone wants to kill (er, I mean test) "expanding Earth", here's is your chance.

No such change in bone microstructures or bone proportions or muscle attachment site proportions through time is observed. QED.

Also, if G had ever changed within the last few billion years, the solar system would no longer exist, and probably the galaxy wouldn't either.