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Trying again

Dear James O. Farlow,
I'm Lin Saunders, a casting associate for 3PX Productions and The Discovery 
Channel. The Discovery Channel is looking for talented Paleontologist and 
Archaeologists (Men and Women!) to host  a new series on Discovery. Women, 
African-Americans and minorities are encouraged to apply.

1.         The talent MUST be entertaining with a true, real-life expertise 
that fits the Discovery Channel paradigm (basically we are known for Factual 
2.         The talent MUST have knowledge that comes from action and be able to 
host a show that is visceral, challenging and exciting. 
3.         There should be a never before seen quality that allows the audience 
to learn from the experiences of the host. 
4.         Talent must be America-based. 

It will be an amazing opportunity for the right talent so please contact us 
ASAP with contact info, brief bio, picture and the reason why you are Discovery 
Network's next star.Also send a video link of any television appearances or 
video reel you may have.  Good luck!  E-mail us at: DiscoveryCasting@gmail.com.