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Re: Watery evolution of man?

The theory being that that is why we have [...]
webbed fingers and toes

Ah, really?

and mate (most commonly) face to face. Which
only water creatures do.

And bonobos. That makes the chimpanzees in the narrow sense the odd ones :o)

If so, then one might guess that there was a serious
danger driving us into the water for a few thousand
years or more

A few thousand years can't have been enough!

or a very flood area

Why didn't we just go elsewhere?

and that we could defend ourselves from the Crocs and the hippos.

Which falls under "don't try this at home"...

(In short, crocs will kill you when they're hungry. Hippos will kill you for trespassing.)

I'd be very interested in hearing what others on this list
might think about this theory?

It's a bit small for a theory... and, while nice, it has a few pretty big holes (as has been mentioned in the last few posts right here). Most notably, it is irreconcilable with our present knowledge of the fossil record.