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Re: Pterosaur structure, good job JC

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When the wing fingers are placed into the standard tetrapod configuration .......How can this happen in this configuration without some sort of strange humeral configuration?

To place your own arms in the position John illustrates, just stick your arms out to the side, bend them upward at the elbows so that the palms face one another over your head. Now straighten your elbows so the palms face upward. Then lie down on your stomach with out moving them relative to your body (if you can do that without going kersplat, I wanna watch !! ). This puts your torso and body in pterosaur cruise flight position, just as John illustrates. No strange humeral configuration required.

I don't see your problem to be honest. All you need do is swing the arms down and bam! walking position, with the fingers aligned with tracks.

Correct. It also aligns the limbs appropriately for launch out of the terrestrial positioning.

Ah, well, I think Chris provided a decent scenario for how that might have happened at Flugsaurier.

Chris has been describing that for a long time now. The guy is talented and gifted with remarkable powers of observation..

I actually prefer the hip-attachment for pterosaurs like this myself, but variety is the spice of life and all that.

I was trying to say that, but you done it better :-)
I suspect that when the fossil record fills out a bit more, we'll see pterosaurs with multiple attachment modes all the way from hip attachments to full broadwing ankle attachments. Like John, I prefer the hip attachment for Anhanguera and Quetzalcoatlus -- but, there is no fossil evidence to support that and other evidence that purports to support ankle attachments is still somewhat ambiguous. The door is still open for multiple attachment scenarios (my personal preference). Spice, life, and all......

I was originally going to to draw this with several different attachment versions, but I decided I'd spent too much time on it already, and went with a 'compromise' position.