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Re: Pterosaur arm supination (getting long)

I mentioned proterosuchids because that's where Bennett 1996 nested pterosaurs, if they weren't related to dinos.

Untrue. In that tree, pterosaurs were neither proterosuchids nor their sister-group.

Even if that weren't the case, your logic is still wrong:

No one has suggested that any proterosuchids were leapers.

What makes it impossible that leaping evolved later, within the pterosaur line?

Don't forget that the closest known relative of Chiroptera is Zooamata _as a whole_: Perissodactyla + Carnivora + Pholidota. Yes, there really are gaps in the fossil record... let alone in our knowledge of it.

I mentioned lizards because
Bennett outlined a lizard without calling it a lizard.

Because that's what an amniote looks like unless modified.

Sharovipteryx would make a great
leaping lizard. But was it flapping. I think so.

With those short arms?

Certainly Longisquama was.

Given the proportions of the beast, that would make only slightly more sense than me flapping.