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Dino tracker finds trove of prints in D.C. suburb - USA Today Article

Here's a great Associated Press story on Dino Tracker Ray Stanford as it
appears on the USA Today website:
Ray has found some wonderful stuff and has worked with a number of
established paleontologists over the years.

Dino tracker finds trove of prints in D.C. suburb
By Sarah Karush, Associated Press
COLLEGE PARK, Md. ? Ray Stanford pulls into the lot of a fast-food
restaurant on a suburban commercial strip and parks at the back. Wearing
high rubber boots and carrying a backpack, he makes his way through the
brush and down to a stream bank littered with wrappers and cups.
He's come to track dinosaurs.
Stanford, a 69-year-old Texan, has been combing Maryland stream beds for
evidence of dinosaurs for the past 13 years. The result is an unprecedented
collection of footprints that were left behind 112 million years ago ? found
in an area where none had been reported before.
More at:

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