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Re: SV: Watery evolution of man?

On Sat, 12 Jan 2008, Tommy Tyrberg wrote:

I remember that paper too, but surely it has no relevance to the loss of
hair by humans, except as a strong indication that it had already
happened *before* 72+-42 KYA BP? Body lice is a variety of head lice,
but lives in clothing (as a substitute for the body pelage we do not
have). A date of 72 KYA for the large-scale adaption of clothing seems
eminently reasonable. That is about the time that Homo sapiens started

Well, loss of hair could prompt the move to clothes, so...

spreading outside the tropics and also about the time that MIS 4, the
first major stadial of the last glaciation, began.

Erectus may date to a around 2 mya in China which is outside the tropics, as evidenced by tools, and remains a few hundred kya