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Re: Pterosaur arm supination (getting long)

--- David Peters <davidrpeters@earthlink.net> wrote:

> I don't know  
> of any leaping lizards, other than maybe Draco and
> the ones I have  
> promoted as pterosaur precursors. Sharovipteryx
> would make a great  
> leaping lizard. But was it flapping. I think so.
> Certainly  
> Longisquama was.


Just a side note regarding leaping lizards. It is
actually quite common. _Crotaphytus_ is known for
often leaping, as are many gecko species (in
particular: _Rhacodactylus_ species, which leap and
look cute at the same time).

One of the best examples, is one that the BBC caught
on film for their "Planet Earth" series. It involves a
collection of _Platysaurus broadleyi_ leaping to catch
baby flies along the edge of a river. The scene is
amazing (the lizards are just beautiful), and provides
a nice example of how an animal could evolve a leaping
lifestyle, without having to first live in trees.

One can see this example here (among other places):



"I am impressed by the fact that we know less about many modern [reptile] types 
than we do of many fossil groups." - Alfred S. Romer

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