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Re: Pterosaur extensors/flexors: a solution!

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Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2008 11:05 PM
Subject: Re: Pterosaur extensors/flexors: a solution!

The solution to John's problem is lowering distal metacarpals I-III _below_ the midline of mc IV.

There is a problem with this. I've seen an ornithocherid wing with digits I-III preserved in cruise flight configuration -- above the midline of MCIV

In fact, with the flattened MCIV of azhdarchids, I don't think the spiral tendon configuration could work.

I don't see how it could either. Too much mechanical interference. And I don't see any spiral grooving in the Qsp MCIV.

If someone has a better argument for raising metacarpals I-III above the midline, I'd like to hear it, because, yes, that will change everything.

Well, they fit above the midline rather better than below in azhdarchids, at least.

And in the ornithocheirid that I've mentioned. But, unfortunately it is still unpublished, and I'm not at liberty to identify it or talk about it in any detail.