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Re: Shedding archosaurs?

Could members of archosauria have been both skin-shedders *and* endothermic?

Only lepidosaurs, or only squamates (I don't know), shed large parts of their epidermis at once,

The pattern for shedding in lepidosaurs is complex and apparently associated with their unique epidermal growth pattern. In tuataras, and the majority of lizards, skin sheds in big patches while in snakes the skin normally sloughs in a single piece, but in all lpidosaurs, the sequence of epidermal growth and shedding is basically the same.

(Information extracted from: Zug, G. R., L. J. Vitt, and J. P. Caldwell. 2001. Herpetology: An Introductory Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles. Academic Press, San Diego, CA. p. 48.)

Mike Balsai, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Biology
Temple University
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