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Re: Quetz wing questions

Oops, I forgot to copy this to the list,

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Subject: Re: Quetz wing questions

Mark, needless to say, I couldn't resist and took a moment to glance at your webpage (my busted car can wait a few minutes). I liked the page and will look closer tonight. I do mention in passing that based on the relationship between the proximal humerus & dp crest with the scapulocoracoid in Qsp and using that and the Qn humerus to project the scapulocoracoid for Qn, I'd expect the Qn torso to be similar in size to that of a pro football player albeit a large football player. In other words, the torso would be expected to be much, much smaller than you project. I don't have enough info on your technique for mass estimation to know if that would impact your wieght estimate. I'd like to chat more with you about it, if you have time.

By way of interim comparison, the distance from notarium socket to acetabulum in Qsp is about 31 cm (12.25 inches). For Qn, I get about 64 cm (25 inches -- I did say it was a big football player).
JimC (gotta go; car is waiting)


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Subject: Re: Quetz wing questions

Hi all (particularly Jim),

"My projection of 150 Kg is based on
optimal CL for the aspect ratio that I generate, and his is based on
estimate (which I haven't seen -- can anyone send me a copy of Mark's
calculations or summary ? )."

A brief overview of my mass work can be found at:


It's entirely irreverant and informal, but it should give you some gist
of where I'm coming from. The slightly less informal paper is in review
at the moment.

So long,



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