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RE: SV: Watery evolution of man?

I now have a mental image of flaming apes leaping into the closest body of

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> evolution of man?> To: dinosaur@usc.edu> > Not sure if this 
> has been proposed before, but it occurred to me a few years> 
> ago that reduction in limb and body hair would be highly 
> advantageous for an> upright biped starting to work with 
> fire. A chimp- or gorilla-style pelage> could catch fire near 
> ground level and result in nasty burns at face height.> As 
> far as I know the times of origin of these two derived 
> conditions haven't> yet been shown to be different. Any thoughts?
>  it makes sense.
>  though, which is riskier?:  losing some fur, or losing some skin?
> you do raise a good point, mind you.
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