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Re: wing extensor placement on pterosaurs

David P wrote: Funny things happen when you just look at the acme of the Pterosauria (Quetz. Ornitho. Pterano.).

David M wrote: Terminological nitpicking -- from another point of view, the anurognathids are the acme...


True enough. E. coli is also at the top of its game. The acme of its genre. But it doesn't have an elongated metacarpus.

Still hanging out here in St. Louis waiting to see how anyone can get metacarpals I-III to move _above_ the wing finger extensor when they are clearly ventral to it in primitive pterosaurs, as demonstrated by Wellnhofer 1991. I think you can't get there from here.

Also, no thoughts on Wellnhofer's reconstruction of digits I-III torsioned 90 degrees anteriorly on the standard configuration metacarpals?

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David Peters