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Re: wing extensor placement on pterosaurs

On Jan 17, 2008, at 7:50 AM, John Conway wrote:

David Peters wrote:

Still hanging out here in St. Louis waiting to see how anyone can get metacarpals I-III to move _above_ the wing finger extensor when they are clearly ventral to it in primitive pterosaurs, as demonstrated by Wellnhofer 1991. I think you can't get there from here.

Wait a second Dave - unless I've missed your point - all I see there is Wellnhofer drawing the fingers in that position - he doesn't "demonstrate" it. Wellnhofer could be wrong (indeed, I think he was wrong about this).

Excellent. There should be, and I think there are, a few fossil examples of wing fingers completely deployed. Can we look for and talk about those examples? Either on-list or off-. Your choice. I don't want to bore anybody with pterosaur trivia.

Also, no thoughts on Wellnhofer's reconstruction of digits I-III torsioned 90 degrees anteriorly on the standard configuration metacarpals?

I vote wrong on that too.

Here I agree with you. Chris Bennett follows Wellnhofer.

Thank you, John. This is reminding me of the American elections. There's another favorite candidate in every state.

Cheers, John