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Re: Mice given bat-like forelimbs through gene switch

Dann said--
"in which case all our reckless science
experiments will have actually *saved* the planet"

"Saved the planet" is overblown. *Saved* this iteration of evolutionary
experimentation, perhaps.
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Subject: Re: Mice given bat-like forelimbs through gene switch

> Dora Smith wrote:
> > Genetic manipulation, as in cloning, or producing new organisms by
> > the DNA of one organism with that of another...
> Cloning happens naturally in a lot of species; every day in most
> micro-organisms, and less often in the form of parthenogenesis in more
> organisms.
> Retroviruses are be able to combine the DNA of different species. In fact,
> endogenous retrovirus sequences have become a permanent part of the human
> genome. Up to 8% of our genes once belonged to other species.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endogenous_retrovirus
> Bacteria are able to exchange gene sequences not just between different
> of the same species, but between different bacterial species. That's how
> antibiotic resistance can spread from one bacterial species to another,
> or not all of the species involved have actually had direct contact with
> particular antibiotic.
> http://www.gmo-safety.eu/en/gene_transfer/marker_genes/461.docu.html
> Why should such behaviour be acceptable in one organism but not another?
> >...  is morally wrong and
> > ecologically extremely unwise.
> > Anyone who doesn't know that probably isn't
> > going to be convinced by me.
> Moral stances can't be 'known', only 'felt' (and even then are highly
> culture-specific).
> And as for unwise science; if scientists never took risks, we'd still be
> huddling naked in caves freezing our *Equus asinus* off. Of course the
> may well have been better off... unless of course science can ultimately
> the planet from bolid impacts, in which case all our reckless science
> experiments will have actually *saved* the planet. :)
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