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Re: Mice given bat-like forelimbs through gene switch

> Technically bacteria and viruses are not organisms,
> as
> they are only single celled.

Just my 2c:

Never heard of the first. An organism in my book is a
contained metabolic system with a bidirectonal data
transfer system with its environment, that is able to
sustain and reproduce itself out of its own power.

Mycoplasms are the archetypal minimal organism.
Phytoplasms take it one step further. GOS DNA shotgun
analyses suggest there's a whole lot down in the muck
at the bottom of the organismal tree we don't know
heck of, but most does not seem to be *that* minimal
but much is apparently unicellular.

Viruses are not organisms as they fail to match
essential conditions, namely they lack an independent
metabolism and they are not able to reproduce unaided.
(They still represent a distinct gene pool subject to
evolution, and they are able to interact with their


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