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deep water = less ejecta?

Of bolide hitting deep water see:
        Gersonde, R., Kyte, F. T., Bleil, U., Diekmann, B., Flores,
J. A., Gohl, K., Grahl, G., Hagen, R., Kuhn, G., Sierro, F. J. Völker,
D., Abelmann, A. & Bostwick, J. A., 1997: Geological record and
reconstruction of the late Pliocene impact of the Eltanin asteroid in
the Southern Ocean.
?Nature: Vol. 390, 7 November, pp. 357-363
Estimated impactor 4 km in diameter, water depth about same, left no
crater in sea floor.
On astronomical speeds water acts basically as solid.

Accidentally first send only to Tommy, whom I like to apologize... :(

--Mikko Haaramo


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